LED Tape

We stock the broadest range of the latest technology LED tape in vast range of colour, warmth and light purity, with any specified connection, to any specified power supply, in any workable length

LED44 4.4W LED Strip

4.4W per metre
static colour

4.8W per metre
static colour

4.8W per metre
Super Flex – static colour

4.8W per metre
Side Emitting – static colour

5.7W per metre
static colour

9.6W per metre
static colour

9.6W per metre – Side Emitting – static colour

14.4W per metre
static colour

14.4W per metre
static colour

15W per metre
Adjustable Angle – static colour

18W per metre
static colour

19.2W per metre
Double Line – static colour

24.5 per metre
static colour

7.2 per metre
RGB colour change


14.4 per metre
RGB colour change

19.2 per metre
RGB_W colour change

Benefits Of LED Strip

LED strip is one of the most versatile and effective ways of lighting your projects and installation. With the ability of being able to be cut to size and flexible enough to cover concave and convex surfaces, LED strip can be installed in virtually any environment. It’s no wonder that the LED strip market has become so popular.

LED strip is regularly used in both large and small creative displays, shopping centres, commercial buildings and homes across the UK due to it’s flexibility and affordability. Easily create halo effects in ceilings, under cabinet lighting or stunning lighting displays, for night clubs and bars.

Here at Ledridge we specialise in LED strip, and offer one of the largest and most advanced ranges of LED strip in the UK. With our bespoke as standard service, we take out the stress and hard work of ensuring your project can be installed correctly and on time. We will work with you to ensure that your custom LED strip project meets your specification.

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